Book of the Month

For December we are featuring a book by Ellen Goodwin on working when nobody is watching—which is most of the time now. There's a lot of really good tips about overcoming  procrastination and dealing with distractions that are excellent.  


I know, the title alone makes this mini book a perfect fit for those of us who work where we live. (Full disclosure, I wrote the book so praising the title seems a little self serving, but I'm so proud of it).

I did my best to include ideas and insights that were helpful and unique, and used humor to make it an easy read—it is only 16 pages long and here's plenty of pictures, too. It may seem like a simple little booklet, but there are some truly helpful tips for remote workers contained within.


The book is yours for free. You can click the cover or use the button at the bottom to download a copy.


New Home Alone Mini Book by Lee Silber

- Published in 2021
- Available For Free

- 16 Pages