Giving Back

To say these are not great times for today's workers—remote or otherwise—is too obvious. What can we do to help? Our goal is to purchase office and school supplies and give them to those working from home, but can't afford to buy the basics.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We'd like to connect those who have extra office supplies with those who need them. For parents who can't afford pens, pencils, and pads of paper for their kids, we'd love to be able to provide those for free. We will also offer free resources and training for those who ask. 

How do we do this? Ah, that's a good question. Do we start a GoFundMe and buy things to give away? Do we team up with suppliers who may want to help by providing free supplies? Do we create a forum so people can connect and figure out ways to trade and send supplies and resources? 

We'd like to do all three. For now it's just an idea with strong intentions to make it a reality. If you can help in any (or need help in any way) we're listening. Let's make this work.


We hope to connect those who need office or school supplies with others who can provide them. If you can help, let us know so we can team up.