Remote learning can be great, or . . . Our goal is to make the most of the tools and teachers that make online learning exceptional, and use them to teach topics that will make a difference in your life (using various formats).   


How To Manage And Motivate Others When Working Remotely

Many management principles remain the same when working with a staff that working remotely, but how to apply them is very different. We'll discuss the best practices for managers and team leaders to get the most from their people.

On-Demand Course

Lee Silber


How To Create Powerful and Professional Looking Slides For Any Format

We're now using slides for just about everything, which is good when they're done right, and embarrassing when done wrong. This course shows you the right way to create effective and stunning slides in any and all formats. 

Self-Paced Learning

Lee Silber


Home Alone: The Secret to Working From Home When No One is Watching

This is a crash course that points out all the pitfalls when working remotely and how to avoid them. This course also covers the best practices used by long-term home-based workers who have been there, done that and make it look easy.

Live Webinar

Lee Silber

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