Your Questions 

This is often an overlooked page on a website, and yet it often contains key information. From our perspective, interacting with you is the best part of putting together a site like this so please reach out with any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I measure myself?

Choose where you’d like your waist beads to sit on your stomach, some people like just above the belly and others below, it’s your personal preference, then use a tape measure to find the length. Remember to measure yourself at rest when your stomach is relaxed as well.

If you don’t have a tape measure you can use a belt or piece of string, hold it around your waist and then use a ruler to get the length required to purchase the correct size you may need.

How to care for my jewelry?

Although our beads are waterproof, it's best to minimize exposure to lotion, oils and water to keep the original color in tact. If submerged, pat dry immediately and remove when bathing.

Which style should I choose?

We offer 4 different styles (check each listing to see what's in stock)

The Elastic Style: Our waist beads are strung together on sturdy elastic cord. Choose this option if you just want to wear the beads a few times, maybe on vacation, a party or a special occasion. The elasticity will eventually loose it's strength which makes this our least long lasting version, it's also our less expensive style. The colors may also fade depending on use. If you choose this style, make sure that with the length you select you can slide the item over your head. They stretch but can break if you stretch too much!

The Clasped Style: Choose this option if you like to switch it up a bit. You can take this style off by simply unhooking the clasp. Make sure you follow the care instructions to keep it lasting long. This style is not flexible, there is no give as there is with the elastic style so be sure to measure yourself correctly. By request we can add an one inch chain extender. For longevity take off when showering/bathing and keep oils and lotion at a distance.

The Barrel Style: This style is similar to the clasped however you twist the closures to secure it around your waist. There is no give and we cannot add a chain extender.

The Threaded Style: With this option our waist beads are threaded on durable cotton thread. You'll need to tie this around your waist. It is our permanent style and is meant not to come off. It can also be used with weight loss. As you loose weight the beads will loosen, at that point you can slide the extra beads off and retie at your new weight. This is the longest lasting style and only the solid colored beads can be used with this style

When will my order ship?

Currently, your order will ship out within 3-10 business days of purchasing Monday through Friday excluding holidays (this time ebbs and flows depending on our volume). When your order ships we will send you an email with your tracking number. Please check your spam box if you did not receive this email.


Which shipping service do you use?

We use Fedx USPS and UPS.

Do you offer refunds/exchanges?

Due to hygiene concerns on our handmade items, The Waist Bead Shop does not accept returns or exchanges.

Why are your waist beads so inexpensive?

All of our items are handmade and not mass produced. It's one of the reasons that many of are items differ from other web sites.