Homework: Readers of This Blog Respond

Below are comments from readers about working remotely and how it’s going.

Janet Ilko

Teaching from home has been the greatest challenge but also a time for growth. I have learned to persevere, to unmute, to get over my fear of the camera, and ultimately to connect in new ways, High schoolers are funny, patient and amazing co-learners as we navigate the Zoom life. Bonus, my pups make the best four legged writing coaches and stress counselors for both my students and me.

Caroline Steven Brewer

I started working from home in late March but our office was all called back on July 1. I missed the office but I really liked my commute downstairs in my comfy slippers. Hubby is still working from home and loves it. No idea how this will play out!

Carolyn Miller

I never thought that working from home was for me. I'm not disciplined and love human interaction. But I have discovered that I am capable of self-discipline and I focus more on my work because I don't have the distraction of conversations around me.