Homework: Readers of This Blog Respond

Below are comments from readers about working remotely and how it’s going.

Janet Ilko

Teaching from home has been the greatest challenge but also a time for growth. I have learned to persevere, to unmute, to get over my fear of the camera, and ultimately to connect in new ways, High schoolers are funny, patient and amazing co-learners as we navigate the Zoom life. Bonus, my pups make the best four legged writing coaches and stress counselors for both my students and me.

Caroline Steven Brewer

I started working from home in late March but our office was all called back on July 1. I missed the office but I really liked my commute downstairs in my comfy slippers. Hubby is still working from home and loves it. No idea how this will play out!

Carolyn Miller

I never thought that working from home was for me. I'm not disciplined and love human interaction. But I have discovered that I am capable of self-discipline and I focus more on my work because I don't have the distraction of conversations around me.

Paige Smith Metz

Don’t take for granted the people who are next to you for the work that is virtual. Make sure your relationships are the priority.

Joe Schwalbe

When I worked from home for the first time in my life when Covid 19 Stay at Home Orders were put in place, I made the decision right away to have a plan, have structure and be committed and really disciplined to the plan, and it worked.

Monica Fay

I am ALOT more productive working from home! And love saving money on gas and meals. I am loving it. Got a raise because of how well I am doing.

Bill Lopez

The phrase “Out of adversity, comes innovation “ rings true. One of my departments processed about 80-100 paper invoice packets a month. We went from 100% paper to 100% paperless in around three days.

Shells Bells

I have worked from home for a few days a week, for years. So it was not a huge switch for me like it was when my husband was sharing the living room with me. The number one thing we should all consider is that a laptop moves around and anyone should be able to run into the kitchen if a last minute meeting comes up for example. Here in California, many of us live in small homes, I do, an 800 square foot home near the ocean, but we make it work.

Elyse Lowe

Today, while working from home for one of the 1st times, I started a MS Teams call as I exited the shower. Purposely put my phone down so I didn't accidentally turn video on while I was changing!

Laura Thomas

At first I hated it, I felt rudderless. I was concerned that without structure I would stay that way, an extrovert trapped. As I got into a routine, it got easier. Now I’m in my busiest time of year. The lead up to my big conference (all virtual now, which has it own set of issues) when I routinely work 12 hour days. It’s so much nicer to end those long days in my own home, rather than in a big empty office building that I have to drive home from...

All in all I’m grateful to still have a job

Alan Armstrong

In March, our entire organization was forced to work from home. We embraced this aspect and we took the task head on and have been very successful in managing the work at home mentality. I find that intensity to work more as I can get more done in a day due to less distractions, and that is just my work ethic. I see myself continuing to work from home in a hybrid approach as I do need to be in the office some times to handle essential duties that cannot be addressed from a home environment.

Jeremy Akers

Every morning we sit in a circle on the floor, holding hands and synchronizing our breaths. We ground together in order to align attention and energy. While doing that, we review the agenda for the day, so we know what to expect and offer the opportunity to collect input about what we’ve planned. Then we do our best to use the plan as inspiration and abandon our expectations. We surrender to the opportunities in front of us throughout the day.

Nathan Schulhof

I’v been doing all my projects from home on Zoom or other platforms, some of which include virtual keynotes and consulting. Covid 19 has drastically changed our lives and forced us to find new opportunities to utilize existing innovation, and create new uses to adapt to all the challenges that COVID has given us.

David Hammer

WebEx virtual backgrounds are really cool to obfuscate your messy house. But when somebody moves around in the background they kind of look like a ghost.

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