It's Good To Give

I’ve been trying to think of ways I can be helpful. I think I know how. Here’s a long list of free resources I’d like you to have . . . for free. 

The first three mini books and book can be read or downloaded for free at:

1. Making Working From Home Work (Mini Book)

2. Bored Games: Fun Activities To Keep Kids Entertained and Engaged at Home (Book)

3. Hooked on a Feeling: 50 Ways To Feel Good Fast and Stay Up in Down Times (Mini Book)

If you would like a free copy of my new short novel (approved for all ages), I will buy and send you the Kindle version through Amazon. Just e-mail me and I'll do the rest. The paperback version is available through my website. (Use code 2020 for free shipping.) Or, buy it from Amazon.

4. Jimmy and the Kid: A Short Novel For All Ages (Free Kindle Version)

Lastly, as you know I host a weekly podcast with Ellen Goodwin. We did a Zoom version of our podcast on working from home. You can watch it here: