This Is Giving Me a Headache

All of a sudden I'm suffering from pretty severe headaches. Like many people, I looked it up on WebMD and that gave me more of a headache—it could be a tumor . . . or nothing. I finally called my doctor and after answering a series of questions he diagnosed me as having stress / tension headaches. It makes sense.

I started paying attention to the stressors that come from working from home. Some are temporary (the construction project just outside my office window, and the kids being home from school), other are more permanent (deadlines and design issues), and some are of my own making (way too much news).

I'm taking Tylenol and cutting back on the amount of news I watch (lately, the news is a trigger for frustration and stress) and I already feel better. My point is, we can only control what we control and not waiting till the last minute to do something and not binging on the news are two things I have control over.

In addition, my wife suggested stretching breaks, aromatherapy, mellow music, and natural light to reduce my stress. I suggested neck massages, she said, "No!" so I'll have to take an extra strength Tylenol instead.

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