Slide Decks

Each month we'll share a slide deck from a presentation by Lee or one of the other speakers we work with. Our hope is you will learn something new and learn a little about each speaker—who are available to speak to your group . . . hint, hint. 

This Month's Slides

I don't want to give away the surprise of these slides, but I will say it's something I have based my approach to everything on. I guess after that revelation I should probably share what Compound Improvement is all about before you dive into the deck. 

It's my belief that big things are scary and our fear of them is the root of our procrastination. So, if we break big things down into little ones we can get our mind around them and get started by taking small steps. 

I know, it sounds so simple. Ah, but here's the rub, when we start with small steps and just put one foot in front of the other we must stack those steps.


Meaning, we keep adding onto our previous success and that success doubles each time we do something while striving to do it better as we go.


Ascent Webinar.001.jpg

Just click the above image and you can sift through the entire slide deck. This was a customized webinar for an association specializing in ENT administrators. As such, some of the slides may not make sense, but you can still pick up the key points and the big ideas.


- Custom Webinar
- Presenter and Slide Designer Lee Silber

- Delivered in 2020

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