As we build this site we'll add remote learning material on a number of important topics. In addition, we'll build on Lee Silber's long list of topics which we'll turn into live and recorded webinars, videos, and on-demand training tools. 

Lead Trainers

Lee Silber will lead a group of speakers who can deliver presentations and programs on a number of different topics in a diverse range of formats. The focus will be in helping remote workers succeed, but that covers a lot of ground.




Topics: Working Remotely, Efficiency, Innovation, Organizing, Slide Design, Communication, Leadership, and Generations

Contact: leesilber@leesilber.com



Topics: Productivity, Motivation, Focus, Forming Good Habits, Time Management

Contact: ellen@ellengoodwin.com



Topics: Leadership, Team Building, Auctioneer, Event Management, Association Management

Contact: joseph.diehl@gmail.com


We are looking to add speakers. Contact us if you think you'd be a good fit for this site.



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Lee Silber

Lead Trainer

Lee shines at showing others how to be more innovative, creative, and productive.

Lee is the author of 25 books.


Ellen Goodwin


Ellen helps individuals and businesses to be more efficient and effective with their time.

Ellen hosts a popular podcast.


Joe Diehl


Joe is on a  mission is to inspire and empower people who believe in creating a better society.

Joe's an accountant and attorney.

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