The hope is the support section becomes the most used part of this website. Imagine if we can build a network of remote workers who care and share so that we can all make it. That's the vision. How we get there will come into focus soon.



These will be positive places to privately connect with others online who are also working remotely. We'll celebrate our successes and support and encourage one another if we struggle.



These member-only clubs will be a place to safely share challenges and seek ideas from smart and experienced people, and share ideas and get honest feedback and help with how to move forward.  

Social Media


Like all good social media sites, this will be a place to post your pictures and share your experiences of working from home in a show and tell way—with the focus on helping others do it better.  

Summit and Bootcamp

The plan is to put on a bootcamp for remote workers (and bosses) and a virtual convention in 2021 and then hold an in-person event that brings us all together to learn and grow.

There is a "me" in team if you rearrange the letters, but the hope is turning the things projected in this section come about as a team effort with other remote workers pitching in to make it all possible. 

If you'd like to help start a support group, lead a club, set up a social media section, contact us.